All is not gold that glitters!
Listen to your heart and follow your instincts! Intuition doesn't lie. In any case, here are a few clues that the person you met online is not as genuine as you thought: Big promises, cheesy words, telling us how many things we have in common, that this between us could be something special, and they hardly felt anything like this before. After the date, you receive some rare phone calls and a few text messages. When you try to call them, the phone is switched off, and when finally they contact you, they have a really great, genuine excuse that explains why they have disappeared for so long. They usually don’t have a more
How to deal with breakups?
A breakup can totally turn our whole world upside down. Fortunately, there are plenty of things you can do to get through this difficult time and move on. You can even take this opportunity and learn from the experience and grow into a stronger, wiser person. It is never easy to share your dreams with someone in one minute, and feel utterly disappointed and experience pain and grief in the next after a split. Everything around you gets disrupted. You might feel that you don’t know who you are anymore, almost as if you have lost your identity. It is difficult to move on. You need to be patient with yourself until your more
Tips when dating online
You miss being in a relationship, spending precious time with someone, sharing all the silly moments with that special person. You might feel that your time is ticking and would like to find the love of your life. So you have decided that for the thousandth time, you would subscribe to a dating website. (It seems that in today’s world, the old fashioned way to meet someone is not working properly). You created your profile, uploaded a few pictures and are ready to meet some interesting people. Here are some DOs and DON'Ts when online dating: “Hi I'm …… I have just read your profile and found it very interesting more
Secrets of a long-term relationship - Part 2
In part 1, we were talking about 3 very important ingredients of a long-term loving relationship and today we will continue with the last 2 “C”-s. Compromise or give & take or meet halfway – doesn’t matter how we name it – is essential in every relationship. First we need to recognise that we are two different people, brought up with different values in different cultures, etc., hence we might not share the same views on things. It basically prevents us from going into a battle for the wrong reasons, and it helps us create a win-win situation at the end. Commitment is my favourite aspect of all, probably more
Secrets of a long-term relationship - Part 1
Why can’t a relationship just be easy? Why do we need to overcomplicate things? Sometimes I believe it would be just so much better if we went through life not being bothered whether or not we find that significant other. We would definitely save ourselves from some pretty emotional heartbreak. After all, we all have so much on our plate all the time that we worry about, who needs that extra suffering, right? The truth is, though, it is all worth it. When we find true love, it is magical. It sweeps away all the bad and painful memories and brightens each and every day. Unfortunately, when I look around me, I don’t more
 Come hang out this weekend with me and travelnlove

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 Come hang out this weekend with me and travelnlove
 Come hang out this weekend with me and travelnlove
 Come hang out this weekend with me and travelnlove